Changing Medicine and Care through Personal Service


One to One Welfare Education Academy Co., Ltd.

One to One Care curriculum

At One to One Academy, we implement practical care training put together by professors at medical universities and trainers from within the care workplace.
We have experience as trainers within the care workplace.
For this reason, we teach from the heart, enabling learners to learn practical techniques and adaptability, developing care staff who understand the needs of their workplace.

  • A company created by medical university professors and experienced care trainers
  • A curriculum based on experience from the medical and care workplaces
  • A unique training method, developed from experience teaching in medical and care workplaces
  • Lecturers with many years of practical experience in medicine and care
  • Wide experience of providing training on commission from public sector organizations
  • Hospital

  • Home

  • One to One
    Care curriculum

The One to One care curriculum provides all the basic information and necessary techniques for caregiving, whether in a hospital or in the home.


Learn "Nezushiki Kaigogijutsu"

A care technique that completely eliminates the burden placed on the lower back – the first such technique in Japan supported by medical evidence.

  • A radical new technique approved of by doctors and nurses
  • Places no burden on the lower back, and does not cause pain to the person being cared for
  • Allows you to move even relatively heavy patients
  • Makes it possible to move even patients needing complete assistance
  • Safe and easy assistance for wheelchair users
  • Support people who are struck by sudden illness, and prevent them from falling
  • Prevent people with paralysis from falling by pressing in certain areas... etc.

Learning can be completed in the shortest possible time

Learn the basics of care work in 30 days.

Techniques that can be used immediately in the workplace

Acquire knowledge, know-how and techniques that can be applied practically through lectures, discussions and practical sessions.

High-quality curriculum

Our lecturers comprise medical university professors and care trainers with experience in the workplace, who have created constantly evolving lectures which are tailored directly to the medical and care workplaces.

What you will be able to do upon completion

Relating to the Body

1.Mealtime assistance

  • Assistance with eating and oral care, etc.

2.Bathing assistance

  • Dressing and undressing, washing the hair and body etc.

3.Excretion assistance

  • Assistance in going to the toilet, diaper changing etc.

4.Physical assistance

  • Assisting mobility using welfare equipment such as a wheelchair.
  • Standing and sitting, and assistance with turning over in bed etc.

Relating to Domestic Assistance

1.Meal preparation

  • Purchasing and cooking ingredients etc.

2.Cleaning and laundry

  • Cleaning the home, washing clothes etc.

3.Looking after your belongings

  • Purchasing daily items and lifestyle goods etc.

Certificate of Completion issued

Flow of learning to completion

10:00-16:00 (5 hours per day)




Opening ceremony

Lecture 1

Lecture 20

20 days

Practice 1

Practice 8

8 days

Practical class 1

1 day


Completion test

Completion ceremony

1 day

Changing Medicine and Care through Personal Service

One to One ACADEMY

We understand at first hand all the concerns, difficulties and pain that are often associated with working in the medical and care fields. For this reason, we at One to One Group aim to help everyone involved in medical and care work achieve happiness in their work. If we can change Medicine and Care, we can change the future. Work with us to change the Medical and Care Industries!