Changing Medicine and Care through Personal Service


One to One Welfare Education Academy Co., Ltd.

One to One Welfare Education Academy Co., Ltd.

Our technology is genuinely useful precisely because we understand the concerns and difficulties of working in the medical and care fields.

We initially founded a care home for elderly people more than 20 years ago.
Since then, a process of trial and error, we have created roadmaps that allow care work to be implemented smoothly and without incident in various situations (a day-to-day roadmap, a roadmap for events, a roadmap for infection control, and a roadmap for emergencies).
This experience has equipped us with the knowledge to train the type of staff that are necessary in a care work environment, and who can deal with a range of workplace problems.

Directors' Profiles

CEO Yoshiyuki NEZU

  • May 2017 - CEO, One to One Welfare Education Academy Co., Ltd.
  • April 2019 - Visiting Professor, Saitama Medical University
  • April 2019 - Director of General Incorporated Association SHORINJI KEMPO UNITY Care Project
  • April 2022 - Executive Committee Chairman, Saitama Medical University Nursing and Care Technology Project Promotion Committee

Books Authored

  • Natsumesha Co., Ltd. "You can do it with one arm! Care technique that eliminates the burden on the lower back"
  • Baseball Magazine-sha "Using Shorinji-Kempo in Care Work"
  • Kodansha Ltd. "Saitama Medical University's No-Strength Care Techniques Explained in Photos and Videos"


Established Social Welfare Corporation.
Worked as General Director of Special Nursing Home for the Elderly, Director of Day Service Centre, General Director of Group Home.
Has also served as Member of Care Authorization Screening Committee, Chair of Council of Senior Citizens' Welfare Services, and Member of Committee for Prevention of Elderly Abuse.
Currently engaged in lectures and training as CEO of One to One Welfare Education Academy Co., Ltd., and Visiting Professor at Saitama Medical University.

Company Overview

Company Name One to One Welfare Education Academy Co., Ltd.
Address 3F No2 Ito Building, 5-2 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0044, Japan
TEL +81-3-6423-1515
FAX +81-3-3780-7173
Established May 2007
Capital 50 million yen
Representative Yoshiyuki NEZU (CEO)

Business Information

  • Research for Caregiving and Nursing Education
  • Training for Caregiving and Nursing Education
  • Induction Training for Care Workers
  • Training for Specialist Advisors in Assistive Technology
  • Support for those Seeking Employment

Courses Provided to Date

We are the Japan's provider of specialist care training to the public sector
Over 5,000 people take our courses every year

One to One Welfare Education Academy Co., Ltd. is entirely comprised of people with experience in the medical/care fields.
Our employees all have experience as facility directors, care managers or in general leadership. We teach practical care technique, based on our experience as medical school professors and nurses, which has allowed us to solve a range of problems while establishing, managing, running and training staff within care homes for the elderly.
Each of our employees is also a teacher who has contributed materials to - and uses - the unique One to One Care Education Curriculum.

Our teaching materials have been used in the following courses, commissioned by social welfare organizations throughout Tokyo to improve the skills of their employees: Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health TOKYO CHALLENGE NET (supporting people dealing with homelessness); Support Project for Jobseekers operated by the Labour Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare; Tokyo Foundation for Employment Services (Tokyo Labor Bureau) Senior Work Program for those aged 55 and over; Skill Improvement Courses for Long-term Care Insurance Divisions of multiple Wards in Tokyo; Support courses for qualification acquisition by young employees (including new graduates) at Tokyo Council of Social Welfare; Councils of Social Welfare in multiple Wards in Tokyo. So far we have provided training courses in 22 out of the 23 wards of Tokyo, making us Japan's leading specialist care training company.

Changing Medicine and Care through Personal Service

One to One ACADEMY

We understand at first hand all the concerns, difficulties and pain that are often associated with working in the medical and care fields. For this reason, we at One to One Group aim to help everyone involved in medical and care work achieve happiness in their work. If we can change Medicine and Care, we can change the future. Work with us to change the Medical and Care Industries!